venerdì, 12 novembre 2010

yesterday I was tweaking my xplanet setup (I use it to update my wallpaper every 10 minutes) and I finally took the time to setup a bump-map (terrain elevation), a spec-map (ocean/land sunlight reflection) and a cloud-map (updated every three hours or so)

when I was done with the new wallpaper settings, I decided to put the new setup to some more use and make a video of yesterday's sun trip around earth (yes, it's not the earth moving, can't you see?!?)

so I created a dedicated config file, switched cloud-map off (it would have been static, I don't keep track of past cloud-maps) and started rendering the earth every 5 minutes

for HOUR in `seq -w 00 23`; do for MINUTE in `seq -w 00 5 55`; do xplanet -config customearth-noclouds -geometry 1280x1024 -num_times 1 -longitude 13 -latitude 46 -output suntrip/xplanet-${HOUR}${MINUTE}.png -fov 0,13 -label -date 20101111.${HOUR}${MINUTE}00; done; done

next step was making a video out of it and imagemagick (convert to jpeg), ffmpeg (mjpeg input video codec) and a bit of bash glue (naming jpegs sequentially) did the trick

here it is!

the result
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